Employee Testimonials

“Family, if that’s what you are looking for then North Iowa Broadcasting is the place for you.  I have worked in the big corporation world and let me tell you this family owned and operated radio family outweighs it hands down.  It has been a great ride the last several years working for KISS Country and The Fox, my radio family.”
Jill Buland, Office Manager, Mason City


“This is a company that strives toward taking care of the communities they serve.  They give back to the communities with great promotional items for listeners.  A company that cares about their clients and listeners and serves them to the best of their ability.  And the owners live right in the area so if you have questions or concerns they are here with face to face conversation.  I enjoy working with a local owner.”
J. Brooks, Operations Manager, Mason City


“I’m Janelle Rench, Office Manager at Coloff Media.  I have been with Coloff Media since 2003.  I used to just do the AR for two radio stations, now I do the AR/AP for 4 radio stations and 2 of our other companies.  I also do the IT work in the office.  If a computer/printer is not working right, I’m the first they come to!    I like that all of the office managers through-out the company help each other whenever any of us have a problem.  We even have an outing once a year to go over Office Procedures and have some fun! Loving your job means never having to work at day in your life – and that’s exactly how it feels working at Coloff Media!”
Janelle Rench, Office Manager/Accounts Payable Coordinator, Cedar Falls


“I started in radio in 1998.  KIOW radio has been a great place for me to work.  Like me, KIOW has been a part of the Forest City and North Iowa community for over 40 years. I feel good about working for a company that cares about what’s happening here in Forest City, in Garner, in Britt, Belmond, Ventura, Buffalo Center, Lake Mills and more.  We work with local groups to publicize events, work to warn people about bad weather in the area, help people celebrate life events, and much more. I can’t imagine working for a better company than KIOW & KHAM radio!”
Karl Wooldridge, Station Manager, Forest City


“The Coloff family really cares about their local communities, and encourages their employees to be active in local organizations to better those communities. We don’t just talk the talk, we dig in and put our time in to work events, attend meetings and actively participate in the community. Working for a locally owned company means you have that local connection, and also that you can personally speak with the owners, not just be a faceless number in a corporation. They are friendly, genuinely nice caring people, who strive to make a great workplace for their employees.”
Mary Holmes, Marketing Consultant, Mason City


“My name is Nolan Peters and I’m a Marketing Consultant and Sports Director for KLKK-FM, KSMA-FM, KCHA-FM, KCHA-AM, and KCZE-FM. I’ve been working with Coloff Media since August 2017. As a Marketing Consultant, I work with businesses to help them grow through radio advertising.. What I enjoy most about my job is the family office environment. You come to work everyday and no matter what, you can always count on having good conversations with your co-workers. I’ve worked for other radio groups, and nothing compares to Coloff Media! But don’t take my word for it. Come find out yourself!”
Nolan Peters, Marketing Consultant & Sports Director,
Charles City & Mason City


“Hi, I’m Vicki St. James! The first time I was employed at Coloff Media I was a single mom with five little ones at home. I left the Coloff Media family, after a decade of fun, creative, challenging, and fascinating work, to focus on my education.   I’m so proud to be a Coloff Media employee, especially at this time when radio is coming into its finest hour, as so poignantly projected by Queen in “Radio Gaga”! If you want to increase the level of meaning in your life, want to be challenged and rewarded exponentially, and want to try something completely different, Coloff Media wants to meet you!”
Vicki St. James, Marketing Consultant & On Air Personality, Cedar Falls


“I’ve been with the company since 2012. I have been here so long because it’s a locally owned, locally operated business where you’re treated as a person, not a number.  You interact with co-workers on a daily basis and I see our company as one big family.  I recommend working for Coloff Media.  If you’re looking for positive thinking, forward minded people to work with, this is the place to be.”
Rob Getz On Air Personality, Production & Promotions Director, Charles City & Mason City


“I began with Coloff Media in 1997 as a marketing consultant in our Cedar Falls office.  At that time we had two stations at this location.  After five years, I left to pursue other opportunities including the corporate radio world.  I returned four years later realizing how much better it is to work for a local company, and I’ve been part of this team since.  We now have four stations in Cedar Falls and our company has grown greatly throughout northern Iowa.  A career with Coloff Media provides opportunities for advancement and growth in a fun industry with a company owner that truly cares about the employees and our communities.”
Mary Williams, Station Manager, Cedar Falls


“I’m Jamie Nelson, General Sales Manager for Mason City, Charles City and New Hampton stations. I love working with all the different businesses, meeting new people and seeing how we can make a difference in their business and in our communities. I’ve made a lot of new friends throughout the years with all the businesses and the events and organizations were involved with. What I enjoy most about working for Coloff Media is they always give us a chance to put an idea to work and run with it. We work with a great team of people and being a locally owned company, I can always speak to the owner if needed. I enjoy coming to work every day. Not too many people can say that!”
Jamie Nelson, Sales Manager, Mason City & Charles City

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