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Marketing is the process of attracting customers to purchase a product or service or business. It creates a financial and moral value for the associated product or service. With the advent of the Internet, marketing revolutionized all traditional marketing concepts.

The transfer of research topics or dissertations is an important component of marketing. Thus, choosing the right theme for research is essential to achieving higher levels of management research. In the area of marketing, there are many studies and segments that could make the most appropriate marketing student proposals. Some of these are listed below

Location and positioning

The position of the brand may be one of the most interesting topics to be considered as evaluation proposals. It is very important to decide on the placement of the brand before getting a brand on the market. For example, you should place a shampoo in the hair care segment, but not in the cosmetics section.

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Although shampoo adds cosmetic value to the buyer, it does not attract the target customer segment. Anyone who wants to buy a shampoo will look for a shampoo in the cosmetic products, not the cosmetic products. Therefore, it is very important to take a decision on the position of the brand that we want to get on the market

Create market value

Marketing in simple words is the creation of value for the goods or services that are of interest. The value may be materialistic or intangible. After the brand’s position on the market, it is important to create a market value that preserves the product in its own position and among its competitors. The cost of the product can be built by selling the product in comparison with other products that fall into the same niche or segment. In the research topic, the student can include various use cases where the product has been successful with the creation of its own market value among its competitors. In addition, use cases can be included in the Research offerings in the Marketing.

Market segmentation

Understanding client behavior and needs is very important. All customers do not have such needs. Thus, it is essential to divide a broad set of target clients into smaller groups according to their overall needs. Based on the needs and demographics, each of the smaller groups needs to develop a separate marketing plan that will target our interests. Market segmentation is based on one or all of the following segmentation parameters

  • Demographic or geographic-Segmentation of clients based on age and position
  • Behaviour-Segmentation of customers based on their behavior in relation to the product or market interest
  • Psychology-Client Segmentation based on psychology, attitudes, social values and culture

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy is to create a strategy to attract the target market and implement various marketing plans to ensure the best work with the brand in an interesting market segment. An effective marketing strategy ensures better product penetration into the target population. The marketing strategy must adapt the performance of the product over a period of time. For example, a product that is new on the market should have a market strategy that will ensure better start and growth of business as early as possible. Market policies that support and maintain this market position for the longest period of time are required for the market. However, for any given product, the growth cycle slows down and reaches the point where ROI (Return investment) becomes minimal, making the product unprofitable for business. At this point, the disposal strategy will be applicable to reduce the loss. A marketing strategy can have many segments that can be worthy of writing the study theme

The marketing plan is a comprehensive document that summarizes marketing efforts of the product or business unit or company. A typical marketing plan consists of all of the above topics, in addition to the company’s goal and its implementation when creating a common marketing plan, sales targets for a certain period of time, as well as incentive structures for sales and marketing groups to motivate them to achieve their goals. A solid marketing plan will be created on the basis of a reliable marketing strategy. Marketing strategy is the basis for a well-designed marketing plan

Inbound marketing

Now that all people have access to the Internet, it is important that business units do not sing to the growing incoming and outcome marketing concepts. Inbound Marketing is the promotion of the company or product or business through the marketing platforms of social networks (Face book, Twitter, Slide share, etc.), blogs, official documents, newsletters, web forms, e-mail campaigns and other forms of marketing of content. All incoming marketing will come from the team of the internal marketing team, and it does not need any significant investment in the market of our product or business. Inbound Marketing includes all target consumers through the above channels and attracts them to fruitful marketing linkages. This is a period of time that attracts customers and forces them to purchase products or services.

Outgoing marketing

Outgoing marketing, as opposed to it, requires significant investment. In Advertisements, Conference participants, Journal issues, cold calling, telemarketing, telemarketing, brochures, etc. Outgoing marketing uses the traditional customer purchase concept. By marketing marketing techniques, outgoing marketing, one of the most needed marketing strategies, is now losing its value and will give way to the new and revolutionary concept of the incoming marketing, which is also known as marketing marketing

With the correct amount of creativity in the above broad areas of marketing, students can choose and write marketing outposts that cover one or more of the above topics.

The following are some additional topics that can be explorated by explorers:

  • Brand Image on Customer Taste and Preference
  • Factors influencing impact
  • Advertising can be the flip side-why and how
  • Response of the receiver to Von Restorff Effect-An Analysis
  • Study on waste management and recycling in India-Analysis
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