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B103.1 KHAM

B103.1 KHAM

For 35 years, KIOW Radio in Forest City has been the voice for the Forest City Indians. Now the businesses of Britt and Kanawha have made KIOW’s sister station, B-103, the voice of the West Hancock Eagles! You support your team, and your commercial message makes a lasting impression to the listeners of B-103!

For the last 35 years, KIOW has been the #1 listened to station in Hancock and Winnebago Counties. Since hitting the airwaves in November 2012, B-103 has become the 2nd most listened to station in Hancock County, due to the enormous coverage of West Hancock sports and Hancock County news, plus the popular hits of today back to the 70’s.

KHAM B-103 103.1 is an adult contemporary sister-station of KIOW Mix 107.3, locally owned and operated since 1978. KIOW Mix 107.3 is located outside of Forest City near Pilot Knob State Park–one of the highest elevations in Iowa. KHAM is broadcast out of KIOW, however, it’s tower is located just south of Britt. KHAM B-103 103.1’s radio signal goes North to the Minnesota border and South to Clarion, West to Algona and East to Mason City with digital stereo sound, 24 hours a day. KHAM B-103 103.1 plays adult contemporary hits of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today. Local and National music research and services, says KHAM B-103 103.1 is in step with the music tastes of northern Iowa & southern Minnesota.

Call Letters: KHAM – FM
Format: Adult contemporary, pop / News / Sports
Frequency: 103.1
Target Demo: 25 – 65 (especially geared to the ladies), 25 – 80 (sports and news coverage)
Website: www.kiow.com

Weekly Programming:

  • The Morning Stretch with mark & Glenn 5am-9am Monday thru Friday.
  • Weather Updates every 15 Minutes & Continuous coverage during severe weather.
  • Hancock county & Britt news, sports, and More!
  • The #1 hits of today & yesterday 24 hours a day!

Coverage Map: