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In The Community

Cedar Falls staff goes to the Farm

Thank you to the Cedar Falls staff of KCVM, KCNZ, KCFI for cleaning the barn at ASPIRE Theraputic Riding in Waterloo. Lori, Mary, Mark, Bob and Matt spent several hours on a cold, rainy day cleaning the horse barns, where kids with disabilities go to ride the horses and spend time with nature.

Mark and Bob team up to tackle manureMark and Bob team up to tackle manure

Lori combs some mad hairLori combs some mad hair

What is Mary doing to that Pony?What is Mary doing to that Pony?

The event was organized by Matt Greummer. Way to go, Matt!! Nice teamwork doing some good in the world.

Afterward, they enjoyed a pizza at Damon’s in Waterloo. Funny how Jim Coloff, President and General Manager, showed up for the pizza?! (Someone had to pay!).

Magical Mix Kids

KCVM-FM in Cedar Falls runs it’s own, 501-C3 charity to help sick kids in their listening area. Magical Mix Kids has raised over $1,000,000 since 1999 to take chronic and terminally ill children to Disney World each year. Since the beginning, over 200 families have been awarded this ‘all-expenses paid’ trip to visit the land of Mickey Mouse.